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Panther "Big Brother" Program Set To Begin In Training Camp

Posted Friday, August 12, 2005 by Dave Der Cola

In an effort to assist younger players in our program, we will be instituting a "Big Brother" program, which will begin during training camp. The purpose of this program is to mentor our younger players and to help build program unity.

Each varsity players will be assigned a junior varsity player who they will mentor throughout the 2005 season (hopefully beyond). They will be in charge of helping our younger players thru difficult times, provide advice, and give academic help when needed. We have to make sure that our younger players adjust to the high school and avoid the pitfalls that many of them face while they do this.

During training camp each varsity player will have the responsibility of learning about their "little brother" and being able to report to the rest of the team about him. It is the coaching staff's hope that this program will assist with the adjustment period that many young student/athletes face, which many seem to struggle with. The coaching staff has found that it is difficult to watch, help, and manage everyone in the program, so we are looking to our upper classmen to "step up" and help.

Since it is a new program, we will be asking for feedback from players. Every varsity player will have at least one "little brother," while some may have two due to more numbers on the junior varsity. This is an opportunity to lead for every varsity player, and it is hoped that each will understand that there will be a tremendous amount of responsibility placed on their shoulders. This is a great opportunity to help out a teammate and make a difference in their lives. You will be held accountable by the coaching staff.

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