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WOLFpack Concludes

Posted Saturday, June 10, 2006 by Dave Der Cola

We finshed the final WOLFpack session this week. The purpose of the Tuesday and Thursday AM sessions were to get players together and build the team chemistry needed to be sucessful in the fall. On a regular basis, we had between 30-35 players show up at 6am to work and get better. It started out with one player (James Harcher), who showed up, and then grew into something much greater. Their were some individuals who made every voluntary session starting as far back as December.

The coaching staff would like to thank all players who have attended for their dedication and commitment to improvement and to their teammates. Also, thank you to several parents who woke up early to get their sons there by 6am, so that they could participate. A special thanks to Mrs. Harcher who provided baked goods to the players on at least three different occassions. Finally, thank you to coaches Vegliando, Boice, Collins, and Moore for their commitment to the players and the program.

From this group a common bond has been formed and real leadership has emerged. It will be something that will undoubtably be drawn upon this upcoming season. The individuals who participated have started a great tradition, one that we hope will be continued for many years to come. On a scale of the 1 to 10, all these individuals are 11s. Now it's time to take the next step. Remember to always "Hold The Rope."

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