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High School Pre-Season Meeting Held

Posted Monday, May 22, 2006 by Dave Der Cola

A meeting for all prospective JV and Varsity players from the high school was held on Monday, May 22. The following information was discussed at the meeting:

1.) Individual information cards were distributed and filled out by players.

2.) Academic policy for the upcoming season was discussed. It was explained that players need to have an average of 70% or better for the 4th quarter to be eligible. If not, players will need to attend summer school.

3.) Behavior for the rest of the school year was discussed. It was explained that any inappropriate behavior between now and the upcoming season qould result in possible suspension. We will not tolerate people who do not observe rules of good citizenship.

4.) Player information packets were distributed and the following important dates were discussed:
-June 13 & 14th are the dates of our two-day mini-camp. It is open to all players grades 7-12. It was expressed that it is the coaching staff's hope that all prospective players would attend. A camp brochure is attached to the packet.
-June 17th is a one day lineman challenge at Carmel HS. This is a team challenge for offensive and defensive linemen. We presently have 8 opening for anyone interested. The cost is $20 per player. Coach Moore and Coach Boice have information.
-June 18th is when all players should begin their 8-week running program. It is strongly recommedned that all players participate in this voluntary running program to get ready for the season. We will test all players on August 9th. If players are not tested on that date, then they will be tested on August 14th after practice. All players must take running test.
-June 23-25 is the St. John Fisher Passing Camp. All camp slots have been filled.
-July 10th is the beginning of the summer strength and conditioning program. We will meet every Monday and Wednesday (6-8:30pm). Last season's summer attendance was not good and our season reflected it. It is hoped that player's will make every effort to attend all summer seasons.
-August 14th is the official first day of the football season. You must have a green card in order to begin practice on this date. We will have a team meeting at 8am. Do not be late.

5.) All players were instructed to sign-up with Mr. Hartman's office when it begins fall sign-ups. It is important to do this so that you will be scheduled for a physical,

6.) Finally, the cut policy was explained. There will be cuts for the varsity team only. Any current sophmores or juniors who have not taken advantage of the many off-season programs (BFS, WOLFpack, Winter Passing League, after-school study hall, or other sports teams) are at a great risk of being cut. All players have had the same opportunities to get better and build for the future. If you have not take advantage of these opportunities, it has been your choice.

Any player who did not attend the meeting will need to see Coach Der Cola immediately. There will be a meeting for parent's on Wednesday at 8pm following the second day of our mini-camp. Parent's of prospective player's will be notified by mail of this meeting.

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