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Football Practice Attendance Policy Explained

Posted Wednesday, May 03, 2006 by Dave Der Cola

Wallkill Football Practice Philosophy and Policy

Every player (1st to 5th string) needs to be at every practice. Teammates are counting on you to be there and to carry out your role on the team. If you are not there, someone else has to step into a role they are unfamiliar with, and the team will suffer.

Another reason players need to make each and every practice is for confidence. Football practice is about repetition and thru repetition comes confidence. Players who miss practice will not be as confident and their conditioning level also suffers as well. Both can lead to injuries.

If you are too sick to practice, or if you have a family emergency, you need to communicate this with the coaching staff. It is not our responsibility to find out why you are not at practice.

Reasons for missing practice are given before you miss. There are some good reasons for missing practice, but you need to communicate them before you miss.

Excuses for missing practice are given after you miss practice. Excuses lead to losses and continued failure at things. Giving excuses for things is a bad habit to get into, and we will not accept them.

A loser misses practice and says nothing. This means one thing--You really don't care about the team or what happens to it. You will not be part of the team for very long.

If you miss practice (excused or not), you will miss some playing time. Just how much depends on factors such as: reason for the missed practice, your attendance record, your committment to the team. This is also subject to the head coaches discretion.

You will also be required to make up any missed conditioning before or after practice. This is not a punishment. Missed practicesl lead to reduced conditioning levels, which will increase the likelihood of injury.

After your third unexcused absence, you will be dismissed from the team.

We hope that this provides all players and parents a clear picture of our practice attendance policy. Football is a very demanding sport, which requires that we be demanding of our players. We work all year long, but during the season, players need to be at practice.

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