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Message To All Returning Players

Posted Monday, May 02, 2005 by Dave Der Cola

Message To All Returning Players From Coaching Staff:

For some unknown reason this time of year, some students pack up their tents and go on cruise control for the remainder of the school year. Every year we have a few individuals who do this and then are upset in August when they find out that they aren't eligible for the first two games. Don't make this mistake and don't let your teammates down. You need to be doing everything possible to finish the year off strong academically for two reasons:

1. It will enhance your opportunities for the college of your choice. Don't think it will, ask some seniors about that.

2. Your 4th quarter grade will determine your eligibility for next fall. So, if your below a 70 for the quarter, you will be ineligible for the first two games of the season (That means Kingston & VC).

Focus on finishing the year strong. Follow thru on things. Don't make the mistake of thinking that someone will take care of you if you screw up. Take control of your own destiny.

--Coaching Staff

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