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Brian Pupiales, Mike Fox, and Bill Fox are the Players of the Week for the week of 4/3-4/7.

Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2005 by Web Master

Brian Pupiales is the lone returning starter from our offensive line and is setting a great example for all other players with a great work ethic. He is as hard of a worker that you will find anywhere, and we know he is going to step up and lead the offensive line during the upcoming season.

Mike Fox is an 8th grader who comes up to the high school ever session and just works to get better. He has impressed the coaching staff with his dedication, work ethic, and coachability. We look forward to working with him during the next four years,

Billy Fox is a 7th grader who refuses to be intimidated by the high school atmosphere. He also comes up everday and works hard to improve himself and has been making steady progress.

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