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Make Good Decisions

Posted Wednesday, March 29, 2006 by Dave Der Cola

All football players need to be careful. This time of year always seems to be the time of year when people make poor decisions regarding their behavior in and out of school. Players are reminded that they are Wallkill Panther footall players all year, not just during football season. You need to be careful about the people who you hang out with. If their goals and dreams aren't the same as years, you need to get away from them. They are going to bring you down. They don't have anything to lose, you do.

The football program will continue to hold you accountable for your actions. Our standards are higher than other programs, and we will not lower them for anyone. You must be the leaders of the school and rise to meet every challenge that you or your teammates are going to face. More than ever our school and our society are in need of strong leaders who aren't afraid to do the right thing, regardless of the opposition. Leadership on a football team is needed all year long, not just during the season. Don't repeat the mistakes of others, stay strong, and make good decisions.

In all that you do, remember to "HOLD THE ROPE."

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