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"Battle of the Valley" Combine Results

Posted Tuesday, March 10, 2009 by Brian Vegliando
On Saturday, March 7th members of the Wallkill Football Program traveled to Valley Central High School to compete in the 2nd-Annual "Battle of the Valley" combine. The players participated in several tests of strength, speed, agility, and endurance, and posted some great results. Overall, the event was a major success, and the coaching staff would like to congratulate all involved.
The coaches would like to thank the players and parents for giving up time on a Saturday morning to get out and support the program. We would also like to thank Valley Central and its coaching staff for hosting this first-class event, and inviting us to participate. It was a great day that further promotes this friendly, competitive, cross-town rivalry.

Below is a list of Wallkill's participants along with some outstanding individual performances. Check out the home page and photo gallery for a picture of Wallkill's team. Parents, please upload any of the pictures you took throughout the day to add to our gallery.

Weight Class: 149 and Under
1st Place Overall: Kevin Crespi
Idividual Event Winners: Kevin Crespi (40-Yard Dash, Broad Jump), Nick Malcuit (Bench Press), Eric Wellmon (Towel Hang)

Weight Class: 150-165
1st Place Overall: Bryan DeVos
2nd Place Overall: Jahsiem Davis
Idividual Event Winners: Bryan DeVos (Tie 40-Yard Dash, Tie Dead Lift), Dominick Calvanico (Bench Press), Anthony Curci (Towel Hang), Steven Moyer (20-Yard Shuttle, Tie 40-Yard Dash), Jahsiem Davis (Broad Jump)Ryan Atkins (Tie Dead Lift)

Weight Class: 166-180
2nd Place Overall: Andrew Harcher
Idividual Event Winners: Andrew Harcher (40-Yard Dash), Jeff Snyder (Bench Press)

Weight Class: 181-200
1st Place Overall: Chad Hecht
Idividual Event Winners: Chad Hecht (40-Yard Dash), Chris Foulks (Tie 20-Yard Shuttle, Broad Jump), Adam Howard (Tie Dead Lift)

Weight Class: 201-225
1st Place Overall: Justin Pineiro
2nd Place Overall: James Schoonmaker
Idividual Event Winners: James Schoonmaker (40-Yard Dash), Justin Pineiro (Bench Press, Broad Jump, Towel Hang), Jordan Hansen (Dead Lift), Joe Cappuccilli (20-Yard Shuttle)

Weight Class: 226 and Up
Idividual Top Performers: Adam Rohl (20-Yard Shuttle)

Kevin Crespi
Jarrett Wager
Jay Frisher
Nick Malcuit
Eric Wellmon
Jack Crowley
Joe Ortiz
Dominick Calvanico
Steven Moyer
Jahsiem Davis
Jose McCord
Steve Fosler
Joe Snyder
Bryan Devos
Rob Fasano
Ryan Atkins
Anthony Curci
Andrew Harcher
Jeff Snyder
Ibrahima Diaw
Kevin Montgomery
Kyle Fredericks
Chad Hecht
Chris Foulks
Adam Howard
Justin Pineiro
James Schoonmaker
Joe Cappuccilli
Jordan Hansen
Dom Dinota
Mike Millen
Adam Rohl
Nelson Andrades
John Seymour

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