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Coaching Staff's Quote of the Week!

Posted Tuesday, March 08, 2005 by Dave Der Cola

The Coaching Staff's Quote of the Week Part 3:

After the game there are three types of people. One comes in and he ain't played worth a dam and he's lost. He gets dressed and out of there as quick as he can. He meets his girl and his mama, and they ain't too glad to see him. And he goes off somewhere and says how "the coach shoulda done this or that," and "the coach don't like me," And everybody just nods.

And the second type will sit there a while, thinking what he could have done to make his team a winner. And he'll shed some tears. He'll finally get dressed, but he doesn't want to see anybody. His mama's out there. She puts on a big act and tells him what a great game he played and he tells her if he had done this or that he'd be a winner, and that he will be a winner--next week.

And then there's the third guy. The winner. He'll be in there hugging everybody in the the dressing room. It'll take him an hour to dress. And when he goes out it's a little something extra in it when his daddy squeezes his hand. His mama hugs and kisses him, and that little old ugly girl snuggles up, and proud to be next to him. And he knows they're proud. And why.

--Bear Bryant

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