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Posted Monday, January 15, 2007 by Unknown

3Being 15 minutes early to everything!
0Eating right!
0Sleeping right!
0Knowing your assignment and alignment!
0When you feel like you can't go...you go...and go some more!
0When you're in the 4th quarter and your body is telling you to quit...but you let your mind take control and you finish it!
0Believe in the system!
0Doing the little things right...and do them right all the time!
0The difference between a win and a loss!
0Going to class!
0Not letting your enemy know you are tired or hurt!
0Having faith in the man next to you and he in turn having faith in you!
0Preparation before the battle!
0Mastering the fundamentals of the game!
0A good football position!
0Reading your keys to unlock the door and start your engine!
0What will take you to a championship!

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