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Week #1 Wrap-Up

Posted Monday, August 21, 2006 by Dave Der Cola

As the coaching staff looks back on week #1, we know that we have the potential to become a very good football team. What we need to build is a consistent level of performance on offense, defense, and special teams. You can't just execute some of the time, you need consistency. That is what we need to strive for each and every day that we go out to practice. All good football teams are good practice teams. We aren't there yet, we can get there, but it will take leadership and people all pulling in the same direction.

We have seen a very good attitude and effort from our players, and some people have just been outstanding in many ways. The pre-season is short and we need to keep moving foreward to reach noble goals. Remember that time is the enemy. We all need to step up individually, in order to do so as a team. The future is now, let's take those steps foreward.

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