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A winning way is to choose and discipline one's mind:

Posted Wednesday, July 26, 2006 by Unknown

-To get something out of every situation, rather than complaining.
-To be prepared, rather than just show up and call himself "a gamer."
-To be consistent, rather than occasional.
-To be early, rather than just on time--or late.
-To be more, rather than just enough--or less.
-To want to learn, rather than want to explain or excuse.
-To be mentally tough, rather than mentally lazy or intimidated.
-To think about solutions, rather than worry about problems.
-To concentrate on what to do, rather than on what may happen.
-To be aggressive, rather than passive--or submissive.
-To know his or her limitations, rather than trying to do more than capability allows.
-To confront adversity, rather than running from it--or denying it.
-To recognize than adversity is part of sport--and life--rather than magnify the adverse situation and seek sympathy.
-To share with and help others, rather than be selfish.
-To think and act positively, rather than negatively.
-To be energetic, rather than complacent--or lethargic.
-To know, rather than assume.
-To seek responsibility, rather than seek refuge in excuses.
-To think and act in winning ways, rather than just want to win.

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