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All Section 9 Website Announces Selections

Posted Monday, December 06, 2004 by Dave Der Cola
Sunday, December 5
The 2004 All-Section Nine Team

Player of the Year Trevor Pedrick

The 2004 All-Section Nine team is bursting with talent, and it does not just from the rosters of the championship squads and the larger schools. While AA Section Nine and Regional Champ Monroe-Woodbury and State A finalist Wallkill each have seven players on the first units, little Millbrook, which finished second in D, has two first-teamers. Class D champ Chester had a squad that was a little better overall than the Blazers, but this is an all-star team.
This year's all-star abundance comes at center (last year's was at defensive end and in placekicking) where there are a half dozen outstanding nominees, making for some very tough choices. As usual there are plenty of skilled-position players from which to choose. The third team offensive running backs are just about as good as the first team's, for example. And the QB corps is excellent.
Selecting all-stars is a very inexact science. Our all-stars come from nominations made by coaches, fans, players, correspondents and anyone else who wanted input. I saw 27 of our 33 teams in action this year, several more than once. (And one team, Port Jervis, nine times.) But that doesn't make me any kind of an expert. So I keep my ear to the ground, as they say, and have a good overall awareness of who's who and what's what in Section Nine. During the season I also received a lot of info, some of it "inside stuff," via emails. If I knew the source was reliable, I made a mental note.
So mix all of that together, and here are the all-stars. Yes, I know there are far too many names listed here. I also know that some folks will still be disappointed, no doubt, that their favorite player isn't on the list or ranked as high as he should be. Being a big softy, I say sorry. I also say, "Thanks!" to all of you who helped out. And we all thank the players and their dedicated coaches for the great season of 2004!
In the Class All-Star teams, we moved a few players a little out of position. Here we'll list all-stars according to position. We'll supply some commentary for the First Team Offense.
First of all, here are our top all-stars:


Now for the All-Section Nine All-Stars:


TE - ROB GOMEZ (Wallkill Jr) - Not a starter at the beginning of the season, he asserted himself in Wallkill's thrilling last minute win against Kingston ... great hands and a fine blocker. 28 catches for 520 yards and five TDs.
WR - TERRIC HARRIS (Middletown Sr) - Perhaps the most feared receiver in the area despite playing for a very young team, his speed and 6'4 frame still allowed him to overcome double and triple teams to make 30 catches for nine TDs.
WR - DANNY QUIRK (Millbrook Sr) - Never heard of him? At 6-3 180 this kid can fly, run great patterns and catch everything thrown his way despite tight coverage. With a soph QB, the Blazers didn't throw much this year, so Quirk couldn't match his 41 snags from last year. Still, he chalked up 11 big TDs in '04.
QB - MATT STACK (Monroe-Woodbury Sr) - This four-year starter could play at just about any position and be a star. As a QB he's a great running back (1,266 yards), ball-handler, passer (as we found out this year- 700 yards) and leader!
RB - JIHAD MORRIS (Newburgh Jr) - 1,226 rushing yards and 14 TDs with a year left for the Goldbacks. The kid is quick.
RB - MIKE GIACOIA (Marlboro Sr) - Combined power and quickness to run over and around opponents. Rushed for 1,270 yards, including 131 against tough Sullivan West 'D' in Class B title game.
RB - J.J. MALONEY (Wallkill Sr) - Bounced back from his second ACL rehab to rush for 1,247 yards and score 20 TDs. A feared running back with both speed and power.
RB - TREVOR PEDRICK (Wallkill Sr) - How can you not include him on the First Offense? In the Panthers' first seven games, he rushed only 38 times. He finished the 13-game season with 114 carries for 993 yards (8.7 avg) and 13 TDs. Three of those scores came in the state title game. Super athlete - and great, well-rounded young man! Our Player of the Year! As a returning All-State LB, you'll also find his name on the First Defense where he made 136 tackles.
OT - CHRIS CONKLIN (Port Jervis Sr) - A three-year starter who became the section's best tackle this year. A devastating blocker, especially when he pulled to lead the way for dazzling John Foley.
OT - CHRIS WHITTAKER (Kingston JR) - His pass and run blocking was one key to the high-octane Kingston offense.
OG - PETE SCALIA (Monroe-Woodbury Jr) - The section's top offensive lineman.
OG - P.J. COLOMBO (Wallkill Sr) - This bruiser was a rugged two-way performer for the Panthers.
C - JOE SCALO (Monroe-Woodbury Sr) - This converted tight end is the best of a sensational group of elite centers.
K - ADOLFO RIVERA (Wallkill Sr) - Mr. Automatic had a state-record 62 consecutive PATs until a 15-yard penalty helped ruin the streak. So he went out and started a new one.
P - JOE MEYER (Sullivan West Sr) - His ability to place his punts gives Meyer the edge. Averaging 37.1 yards per punt, he dropped 17 of his 29 boots inside the opponents' 20.


DE - TOM BEYER (Monroe-Woodbury Sr)
INT - JEFF PICARD (Millbrook Sr)
INT - DAVE RACINE (Burke Catholic Sr)
INT - CHRIS DOLLBAUM (Monroe-Woodbury Jr)
LB - DENNIS JONES (Monroe-Woodbury Sr)
DB - JOHN SCHEPPS (Monroe-Woodbury Sr)
DB - ROB GERBINO (Wallkill Sr)
DB - NEIL INGENITO (Monroe-Woodbury Jr)

TE - Sandy Campbell (Marlboro Sr)
WR - Mike Ashcraft (Port Jervis Sr)
WR - Mike Septh (Monroe-Woodbury Jr)
QB - Andrew Downey (Kingston Sr)
QB - Kyle Auffray (Cornwall Sr)
RB - Coleman Edmond (Kingston Jr)
RB - John Foley (Port Jervis Sr)
RB - Dan Lexandra (Monroe-Woodbury Sr)
APB - Quron Simmons (Cornwall Sr)
OT - Kyle Jung (Goshen Sr)
OT - Chris Bonowski (Marlboro Sr)
OG - Ryan Grosso (Port Jervis Jr)
OG - Tim Freer (New Paltz Sr)
C - Sean Connors (Wallkill Sr)
K - Gerald Jones (Monroe-Woodbury Sr)
P - Dave Magnanini (Wallkill Jr)

DE - Mike Hernandez (Chester Sr)
DE - Gerard Losardo (Wallkill Sr)
INT - Quinton Johnson (Kingston Jr)
INT - Adam Nunnally (Cornwall Sr)
INT - Sean Connors (Wallkill Sr)
LB - Steve Musso (Sullivan West Sr)
LB - Joe Zippilli (Washingtonville Sr)
LB - Tim Marion (Warwick Sr)
DB - Quron Simmons (Cornwall Sr)
DB - Gregg Brain (Minisink Valley)
DB - Jim Drury (Valley Central Sr)

TE - K.J. Geragthy (Cornwall Sr)
TE - Mike Hernandez (Chester Sr)
WR - Brandon Hill (Kingston Sr)
WR - Eric Oates (Red Hook Sr)
WR - Dante McNair (Newburgh Sr)
QB - Joe Truscello (Wallkill Sr)
QB - Brad Ropke (Port Jervis Sr)
RB - Justin Oelgeschlager (Highland Sr)
RB - Scott Peters (Sullivan West Sr)
RB - Danny Knox (Tri-Valley Jr)
RB - Steve Kearins (Millbrook Jr)
RB - Kyle Schneider (Eldred Sr)
OT - Bryan Shauger (Port Jervis Sr)
OT - Marc DeCristofaro (Sullivan West Sr)
OG - John Glassel (Sullivan West Sr)
OG - Todd Wright (Valley Central Sr)
C - Danny McGraw (Newburgh Sr)
K - Austin Gerentine (Marlboro Jr)
P - Josh Breitmaier (Highland Sr)

DE - John McGowan (Washingtonville Sr)
DE - Steve Toth (Valley Central Sr)
INT - Pete Jackson (Wallkill Sr)
INT - Jimmy Erlwein (Sullivan West Jr)
INT - Owen Fraser (Newburgh Soph)
LB - Steve Kearins (Millbrook Jr)
LB - P.J. Colombo (Wallkill Sr)
LB - Reggie Carthens (Newburgh Sr)
DB - Lucas Schneider-Veale (J.I. O'Neill Jr)
DB - Justin Oelgeschlager (Highland Sr)
DB - Jayson Millius (Pine Plains Jr)
DB - Joe Tetz (Chester Sr)

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jimmy Oliver (Wash C Sr), Eugene Dutton (M-W OT Sr), Stephen Schwade (M-W OG Sr), Lee Mauro (Wash TE Sr), Terric Harris (Mdtn DE Sr), Lee Russell (NFA WR Jr), Owen Fraser (NFA OG Soph), Ray Graziano (M-W APB Sr), Matt Miller (VC K Jr), Pat Blaine (Wash LB Sr), Duralle Cromwell (Wash WR Jr), Tim Marion (War RB Sr), Derek Hrinya (War DB Sr), Josh Horowitz (War C Sr), Steven Prescod (War RB/DB Sr), John Schamarek (War LB Sr), Nick Patterson (NFA LB/TE Jr), Mike Slavosky (M-W DT Sr), Jeff Jackson (MV LB Sr), Gregg Brain (MV RB Jr), Chris Brucato (Mdtn QB/DB Sr), David Thompson (PJ C Sr), Alex Kaufman (DE/FB Jr), John Foley (PJ LB Sr), Josh Fodrowski (RV OG/LB Sr), John Fanelli (RV DL Sr), Greg Drobot (Wallkill RB/DB), Chris Smith (PJ DB Sr), Brian McNally (Corn DE Soph), George Pagan (Corn LB Sr), Justin Montanaro (Corn RB Sr), Dave Magnanini (Wall LB Jr), Rick Martin (Marl C Sr), Desmond Dederick (Marl OG Sr), Joe Meyer (SW QB Sr), Andre Trujillo (SW DL Sr), John Kitson (SW DE Sr), Mike Crisci (Marl LB Sr), Rafael Bou (Spack LB Sr), Ross Mosher (RH LB Soph), Keith Levandoski (Marl DB Jr), Scott Peters (SW DB Sr), Orion Darder (SW DB Sr), Josh Papka (NP RB Jr), Kyle Blackman (O'N RB Jr), Steve Daley (SW FB Jr), Josh Coon (RH DB Sr), Ryan Stover (Chest OG/LB Sr), Josh Anselmo (Mill OT Sr), Jeff Picard (Mill OG Sr), Joe Tetz (Chest WR Sr), George Fountain (Eld OT Jr), Bryan VanDemark (Chest QB Jr), Mike Schmidlein (Chest RB Soph), Chris Poley (T-V C Sr), Jon Waxman (T-V K Sr), John Pasichnyk (Chest DT Sr), Billy Donato (Chest LB Sr), Owen Williams (T-V DE Sr), Alan Coombe (T-V DL Sr) Shane DePutron (PP TE Jr), Kyle Odell (PP DB Jr), Tim Hallock (Eld LB/OL Sr), Corey Proscia (Eld LB/OG Sr), Danny Browne (Chest DB Sr).
Enough names?

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