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First Team Meeting of 2006 Season

Posted Friday, December 02, 2005 by Dave Der Cola

The first team meeting of the 2006 season was held this past Tuesday in the auditorium. The following are the issues discussed and stressed in that meeting:

1. Progress Report will begin again this week. Academic progress reports are to be picked up and turned in to Mr. Boice in the ISS room. If athletes are already required to turn in weekly reports by their winter coaches, they will not have to turn in an additional one.

2. The Strength and Conditioning program will begin on Monday, December 5th and run from 2:40-4pm every M-W-F. The weight room is also open at 6am on those days as well. The weight room is also open in the school day during the following periods: 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. All athletes are required to do strength training regardless of whether they are in a sport or not. There is no excuse or reason for athletes not to participate. Athletes must wear Wallkill apparel in the weight room.

3. Off-Season Guidelines: Alcohol and drug use is prohibited all year long. All players need to stay away from parties or any situation that could compromise their status in the program. Those who engage in such behavior destroy all opportunities for team unity. Players need to hold each other accountable.

4. Cut policy for varsity team next year was explained. Players who do not committ in the strength and conditioning program will be cut from the team. Players who do not contribute in practice will be cut from the team. Opportunities to do the above are numerous. If athletes do not show committment, they will be cut. Athletic ability or lack of it will not be a factor.

5. Every returning player needs to meet with a member of the coaching staff for their end-of-season interview. Players must make these appointments with a member of the coaching staff. This should be done before Christmas break.

6. All players were invited to join the "Wolf Pack" which meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6am. This is a group of highly motivated athletes who are looking to get better and develop team unity. All are welcome!

Any athlete who was not present is expected to talk to a member of the coaching staff immediately to discuss the above.

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