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10 Negative Side Effect of Taking Steriods

Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2005 by Dave Der Cola

1. Heightened risk of injury. Individuals who increase their level of muscular strength and size by taking steriods may be exposed to an elevated risk of injuring their tendons and liagments.

2. Unbecoming conduct. Steriod use has been linked to increase levels of aggressive behavior.

3. Increase potential for heart disease. Research has found that steriod use raises cholesterol level in an individual's blood, thereby substantially raising a person's risk of coronary heart disease.

4. Beleaguered complexion. Individuals who use steriods frequently suffer from acme. Excess secretion caused by steriod use can clog the pores of skin and cause changes in the user's complexion.

5. Blood Clots. Steriods can cause platlets in the blood to be more likely to stick together and increasing the likelihood for the formation of blood clots.

6. Arrested development. Abolescents who take steriods can experience premature closure of the epiphyscal (growth) plates.

7. Liver toxicity. Because liver is the principle site for steriod clearence for individuals who take anabolic steriods orally, an excessive intake of steriods can be toxic to the liver.

8. Hair today, gone tomorrow. Steriods use may result in hair loss. In some people it will cause an increase in the level of body hair (in areas other than the scalp).

9. Temporary blanks. Long-term anabolic steriod abuse has been associated with causing a man to have a diminished sexual desire. In additon to affecting a man's interest in sex, steriods can have an impact on his reproductive system as well.

10. Masculinizing effects. Similar to their male counterparts, steriods have also been shown to have serious side effects for women. It can cause women to take on physical traits associated with men. In men, however, steriods can have a feminizing effect (develpment of breast-like tissue).

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